This Company Saw a 90% Decrease in Workers' Comp Costs and Injuries. Learn How.

In 2010, Voith was searching for a program to lower their number of injuries. They were experiencing high injury rates with increasing workers' compensation costs. This was impacting their productivity and profitability. Based on our deep expertise in implementing solutions to solve these issues, we were hired to implement an effective pre-employment physical abilities testing protocol.

Since the start of the pilot study, Voith has seen 90% decrease in both workers’ compensation costs and injuries from musculoskeletal strains and sprains and slips, trips, and falls.

The beauty of the ErgoScience process is knowing that this test is reliable and it’s valid," said Vicki Yeazel, Workers’ Compensation Manager at Voith Industrial Services.

Within the first three years, we screened over 1700 potential employees in 11 geographically diverse locations. With the PAT protocol, we were able to produce results same day for the employees. Our process was valid, thorough and is now an integral part of the hiring process. 

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*Voith sold its industrial services division to private equity firm Triton. It has been renamed to Leadec.