Troubleshooting PWPE Software

Below you'll find the most common questions related to installation and operation of the PWPE software. If you are unable to find the solution below, please contact and we will do our best to address your issues.


Error message: Demo period expired

This error pops up when either the “Company Name,” “Registration number” or “Activation number” needs to be updated.

If this is a new software installation, please double check to be sure the registration information that has been input correctly.

Go to Admin, then System Setup. Check the first three fields (“Company Name” “Registration number” “Activation number”) for accuracy.

If you were supplied with software registration information via email, it is recommended to copy and paste from the email in order to avoid typos.

Take a look at the “Company name” field. A common mistake is entering “ErgoScience” or entering your clinic’s name in this field rather than the company name generated as part of the software registration/activation. If this is a temporary software registration for use in the PWPE training, the “company name” field will likely be assigned a name such as “PWPE Temporary Training Codes” or “Temp Codes” or some variation. Double check that you have entered the assigned “Company Name” into this field. Also, double check the Registration number and Activation number for typos.

After making changes to the fields, click OK.

Close the software.  (This is necessary to apply changes)

Reopen the software.

If you still receive an error code, please contact for assistance.

If this is not a new software installation, this error may pop up when the activation period has expired and the software needs to be renewed. You may contact our accounting department directly if you need to make a software renewal payment.



Error: EGL4TEXT.DOC is not a file name.

This error pops up when you have not indicated, in the system setup, the pathway to the report template files. You must tell the software where to store reports once they are created.

 Go to the Admin tab, then System Setup. Check the two fields, “Location of Saved Evaluation Letters” and “Location of Word template docs”. One or both fields may be incorrect or may be filled in simply as C:\ .

 The installation wizard typically creates files to save the letters and word templates. Try changing the pathways to the following:

Location of Saved Evaluation Letters: C:\EG\Letters\

Location of Work template docs: C:\EG\EgWpLet\

See example screenshot below.

Click OK.

Close software.

Reopen Software.

If the problem still exists, please contact



 The summary form is only showing partially on my screen.

This issue is not a problem with the software and Windows 10 but rather related to the Display Settings on the user’s computer.

The Display Settings in Windows is greater than 100%. When the PWPE program creates the Summary Form, the larger display setting makes the Summary Form not fit in the window.

 Check the setting under ‘Scale and layout’ for ‘Text, apps and other items’

Close the PWPE program.

Go to Windows Settings on your machine and choose Display.

Change the Scale and Layout size to 100% or less.

When you reopen the PWPE program and go back through to create a Summary Form – you should have full view of the form.

Once you have reviewed the form, you can print or close the preview of the form (hit ESC on your keyboard). 

Keep in mind that there is no need to print off the Summary form to send with your PWPE report. There is no information in the Summary Form that is not already in the PWPE report. The Summary Form is only intended as a quick check of your scoring for you before you create and start to edit the report.



Error: 11/Function argument value, type, or count is invalid.

First, check your shortcut for the PWPE software to see if that is the problem. 

Bypass the shortcut by going to the EG folder in whatever drive you installed the PWPE program (typically it is installed to local disk C or the main drive of the computer).

Open the EG folder and locate the eg.exe file.

Launch the program directly from eg.exe

If the program launches correctly from here, then your shortcut was the problem and you should make a new short cut.

 If you get the same error, then you have probably made an error in the program installation and should reinstall the PWPE software. 

 If you reinstall the PWPE software, first DELETE the EG folder.

Open your downloads folder and run the 3 install files again making sure that you install direct to local disk C and do not put the program into any subfolders like Program Files.

 If this still does not work, contact



Transferring PWPE patient data to a new computer.

 The procedure for transferring old patient information into a new PWPE software installation involves making a copy of the C:\EG\Data folder and C:\EG\Letters folder from the old installation/computer and storing them on some sort of readable media (USB stick, book drive, or location, such as a server, which may be accessed from both old computer and new computer).

After you have installed the PWPE program on another computer, you can replace the ‘new’ Letters folder with the ‘old’ Letters folder you have copied and saved.

Restoring the old Data folder is a little more complicated.  To ensure the Data is recognized, you have to delete the contents of the ‘new’ Data folder and copy and paste the contents from ‘old’ Data folder into ‘new’ Data folder.

This replacing and copying and pasting must all done while the ‘new’ installation of PWPE software is closed/inactive.



Setting up an evaluator in the PWPE software.

To set yourself up as Evaluator in PWPE software:

  • Open PWPE software.
  • Close client list if it opens automatically.
  • Click on File/Evaluator/Add Evaluator.
  • Add your name, credentials and phone # if you want your phone # to display after your name in signature line of report.
  • Leave box weights at zero.
  • Click Save.

 Now, when you go to File/Clients/Add Client, you should be able to see and choose your name from the Evaluator dropdown box.



Problems creating a report or creating a “letter”.

 With Create Letter problems there are several issues that could be causing the error.

    1. Check the Admin/System Setup pathways for the report templates as compared to your installed EG folder location on your machine. To do this, go to the Admin tab, then to System Set up.       See attached screen shot showing typical System Set-up field example. You need to make sure your software is set up correctly with respect to location of Word template docs and file names for text and graph summary.

Please be aware that if your installation is ‘atypical’ meaning you did not do a local installation of the EG program files to the C drive, then your system set-up will need to point to your customized installation pathway. If the EG program was installed to a sub-folder on C or installed to a drive other than C such as a network drive, then you need to make sure the System Set-up fields point to your EG location.

 If you make changes to the fields in the System Setup, when finished click ok. Next, be sure to close your software (this will apply the changes) then reopen the software and check to see if this fixed the issue.

2. Other things to check:

    • Make sure the computer has MSWord from Microsoft Office or Office 365 and not a word emulator program like Google Docs.
    • Try launching the eg.exe command for the program via Right click and ‘run as administrator’ choice.
    • Make sure users have sufficient permissions to operate the program. Users require full “read/write privileges” to the program folder (EG) and all subfolders on the computer where the software is installed. (Check with your IT (Information Technology/Computer Services) dept. if unsure on your administrative privileges for the computer where your software is to be installed.

    If you have tried all of the above and continue to have problems, please contact


Error: 1733/Class definition WORD APPLICATION is not found 


The PWPE software uses MS WORD to create the PWPE report.  If you do not have WORD on your machine then you will not be able to create the report.  You need MS WORD as part of MS Office or you need MS WORD as part of an Office 365 subscription.

The reports will not be generated with a word emulator program such as Google Docs.


How do I convert the PWPE software to Metric System?

In order to convert the ErgoScience PWPE calculations to metric, you must click the appropriate box in the system setup AND run a metric system update for the PWPE software.

If you are not sure whether the metric update has been applied, open the PWPE software and go to the Mobility Task for task # 22 walking – if the distance is listed as 152 Meters then their software is functioning correctly and you do not need to run the update again.

If this screen reads, Task 22. Walking – 500 feet, then the metric fix needs to be applied to the PWPE software so that metric distances are converted correctly when testing and listed correctly in the PWPE report.

First open the software, go to the Admin tab, then System Setup.  Check the box "Use metric units in system."

Click Ok at the bottom of the screen.  Close the software.  

Next, Click Here to retrieve the metric update.  (This link may require you to create a free account in the ErgoScience eLearning platform, if you have not already done so.)

Detailed instructions are included on how to apply this update. 

If you still have issues after applying the metric update, please contact


Error: 11/Function argument value, type, or count is invalid

To try and repair program errors, you can do the following Reindex procedure:

  • Open the Ergoscience program. Close the client list if it opened.
  • Click on Admin from the toolbar, then Reindex data.
  • With your mouse, check the All Tables box at the top right of the screen. This will put a check in all option boxes on the screen. Leave the Pack option checked as well.
  • Click the Reindex button.
  • You should see the program run through a repack of your index tables. Depending on how many client files you have or the speed of your computer, the reindex process may take < 10 seconds or as much as 2-3 minutes.
  • Once complete, re-open the client list and the client file you were working in at the time of the error and resume your operation.
  • If your program error is triggered again, contact Ergoscience at 866-779-6447 ext 205.


Using PWPE with Apple OS

Error: you can’t open the application because Microsoft Windows applications are not supported on OS X.


The PWPE software was designed to run on a PC.  

However, there are programs that allow "Windows-only" programs to be installed in a virtual environment set up on a Mac.


Below are a couple of links that will help you set up the virtual box:

How to Install a Windows 10 VirtualBox VM on macOS (


  How to Run Windows 10 on Mac Free with VirtualBox for Mac OS X(

If installing a virtual box, set the size of the virtual box with at least 2 GB to run.

Some Mac computers can be partitioned with a windows operating system upon initial set up.  If purchasing a Mac, speak with your Apple representative about this option.  

If you need further assistance, our customer support team is happy to help.  Contact us at

or 205-879-6447.