They Lowered their Workers' Comp Costs by 68%. You Can Too with the Right PAT Program.

Have you considered the costs of hiring drivers without screening them with a physical abilities test?

Like many trucking companies, an Alabama-based flatbed operator was in growth mode.  With plans to triple in size in less than three years hiring the RIGHT drivers had never been more important to meet the demands of their fast-growing fleet.

But here’s the catch: as any flatbed driver will tell you, there’s more to the job than just getting behind the wheel. Whether it’s lifting tarps, tightening load straps or pulling the release on a 5th wheel pin, it takes someone who has the physical ability to meet those demands. Too many didn’t. Injuries were rising, costs were increasing and productivity declining. Something had to change. With help from the Alabama Trucking Association’s Workers’ Compensation Fund, the company chose ErgoScience to develop and implement a pre-hire Physical Abilities Testing (PAT) program for all new drivers.

The result? Work comp costs fell by more than 68%. To read the full report of this case study, simply fill out the form.