Supercharged Injury Prevention Strategies

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Attend this free live virtual workshop June 14th at 12:00 pm CDT to find out...

The ChallengeWhile many safety and risk professionals are struggling to prevent injuries…

There’s a small group who are decreasing injuries on a consistent basis…

And it’s not because they are better safety/risk professionals than you…

Or that they more of an expert than you – far from it.

It’s all because they are using a time-tested process proven to:

Determine the root cause of injuries
Identify customized injury prevention programs
Seamlessly implement those programs

The Opportunity. And because I want more safety professionals to know about this time-tested process…

I’m offering a FREE Live Virtual Workshop: Supercharged Injury Prevention Strategies where we show you how to examine the ins-and-outs of your workplace injuries
…and discuss programs you can implement to finally prevent strains and sprains – and even slips, trips and falls. 

These strategies are supercharged because they are designed to address your injury challenges. 

Why?  You don’t have to struggle with these injuries…they’re completely avoidable…but not if you’re solely relying on:

  • Safety audits
  • Near-miss reporting
  • Lift training
  • Stretching programs

Now, don’t get me wrong. These programs have their place in a total injury prevention strategy. BUT they won’t effectively address strains and sprains, manual material handling injuries, repetitive injuries, or over-exertions.

These programs also won’t work if you’re:

  • Hiring and placing people into jobs for which they don’t have the strength or stamina
  • Letting minor aches and pains develop into lost time injuries
  • Training but not reinforcing

How do I know these strategies work? 

Outcomes Studies. We study the outcomes of our programs.  We examine what happens to injuries and costs before and after the program implementation.  Here's what we found in 8 of these studies:  


outcomes graph

On average costs of work-related injuries decreased 73%!  

So, if you want these kinds of outcomes that effectively:

 👍 Decrease the incidence and costs of work-related injuries

👍 Reduce lost and restricted duty days

👍 Improve productivity and profitability

👍 Enhance safety culture

Join me at this Free virtual live workshop: Supercharged Injury Prevention Strategies June 14th @ 12:00 pm CDT.

FREE Live Virtual Workshop

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Deborah Lechner

Written by Deborah Lechner

Deborah Lechner, ErgoScience President, combines an extensive research background with 25-plus years of clinical experience. Under her leadership, ErgoScience continues to use the science of work to improve workplace safety, productivity and profitability.