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Fighting Driver Fatigue: Top 5 Wellness Strategies - Supplements

Despite a driver’s best efforts to eat well, nutritional deficiencies can persist. They may cause drivers to feel sluggish and have difficulty focusing. And in driving, focusing is key. If drivers aren’t getting enough nutrients from a regular healthy diet, supplements are available to increase energy and minimize fatigue.

Unfortunately, the first “supplement” most drivers reach for is an energy drink. The Harvard School of Public health explains that this is a really poor choice for long term good health. Energy drinks have been linked to increasing risk-seeking behaviors, poor mental health, adverse effects on the heart and blood vessels, and metabolic, renal, or dental problems. And the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate these energy drinks. Many have a whole lot more caffeine and sugar than is healthy. available to increase energy and minimize fatigue.

Instead, focus on true vitamin supplements that complement a healthy diet and will help with fatigue in the long run. A common supplement taken to help boost energy and mental clarity is B complex—a group of eight B vitamins. Known as the “energy vitamins”, B vitamins are vital for converting food into usable energy. Nutrition from B vitamins ensures the proper functioning of several body systems, including the circulatory and nervous systems. B vitamins can only be obtained through food sources such as meat, fish and eggs or by taking supplements.

Other supplements that may boost energy levels include iron, zinc and magnesium. Though dietary supplements aren’t a substitute for food-based nutrition, they can be beneficial for people who notice a difference in their energy levels when taking them.

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Deborah Lechner

Written by Deborah Lechner

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