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Reaching the Client: Building Relationships

Posted by Justin Shepherd
Aug 2, 2019 1:23:25 PM

For clinicians, building relationships with the referral source is a vital part of practice. Therapists must first find out who the referral source is, whether it is a physician, claim adjuster, case manager, or third-party administrator. Once that is known, two major components play into building relationships:

    • understanding the needs of the referral source
    • developing a good line of communication.
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Focus on Post-Injury Services

Posted by Justin Shepherd
Jul 1, 2019 6:49:07 PM

When it comes to work comp, referrals won’t come beating down your door unless you know how to bring them in.  It is not difficult to bring them in if you know and understand the needs and interests of the referral source.  This can vary depending on the service.  Let’s focus on post injury services. 

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So many hats!

Posted by Justin Shepherd
May 30, 2019 11:54:21 AM

How many hats are you wearing when it comes to treating work comp patients???

It’s true that you can’t be “just” a physical therapist  when working with the “industrial athlete”, but it doesn’t have to leave you crazy! Let’s explore some of the roles you’ll play and how to manage your personal cast of characters.


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Are You Shooting in the Dark with Your WC patients?

Posted by Justin Shepherd
Apr 24, 2019 1:04:26 PM

Do you ever feel like you are shooting in the dark when it comes to the return-to-work process for your workers' compensation patients?

Are your recommendations based more on guesswork than on objective data?

Or maybe you’ve disagreed with a return-to-work (RTW) decision on one of your workers' compensation patients but felt powerless to influence the decision?

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