Reaching the Client: Building Relationships

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For clinicians, building relationships with the referral source is a vital part of practice. Therapists must first find out who the referral source is, whether it is a physician, claim adjuster, case manager, or third-party administrator. Once that is known, two major components play into building relationships:

    • understanding the needs of the referral source
    • developing a good line of communication.

Understanding the needs of the referral source is key to developing good

 relationships. You want to fully consider their process and your role as a therapist in making that process run as smoothly as possible. Depending on the referral, their focus could be a range of things including a quick and hassle free process, particular FCE screens, or direct results. This should be addressed early in your communication to the referral source to assure you are offering services that will meet their particular requirements. By demonstrating understanding of each client’s specific requests, therapists are able to create strong relationships that directly address each individual referral.

Communication is another important aspect therapists should consider when building relationships. By having clear communication from the beginning, the client is able to trust the clinician to serve their needs. A therapist needs to be able to communicate with a referral source to create confidence in the product or service. Additionally, knowing what information the referral wants is key. For example with FCEs, discussing what the referral source wants from the results of the test is a huge part of initial communication. FCE screens can produce several types of results, so it’s imperative the therapist communicates and clarifies how the results can be used in their various parts to the referral source.

Building relationships with referrals can be hugely influential on future business. Therapists can create long-term clients by being clear in their understanding of referrals individual needs, and taking the time to communicate in all aspects of the treatment process.

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Justin Shepherd

Written by Justin Shepherd