Growing Cash-Based Revenue: Are Employer Injury Prevention Services Right for Your Clinic?

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Long-term sustainability – it’s what keeps most PT practice owners up at night.

And as insurance payments continue to shrink, more and more clinic owners are looking at recurring cash-based revenue as the key to future stability. Chances are, you’re searching too.

What are you considering? Have you thought about occupational health prevention services? 

How do I decide if I’m ready to offer injury prevention for employers? 
  • Are you already performing FCEs and interested in working directly with employers? 
  • Do you see Work Comp injuries from the same company (and maybe the same jobs) over and over again? 
  • Are there companies in your area with physically demanding jobs and high work comp costs?
  • Have some of these companies approached you with an interest in pre-hire or return-to-work testing?
  • Are you frustrated with diminishing reimbursement from insurance carriers?
  • Is your clinic looking for cash-based revenue?  

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you have a great opportunity to implement pre-hire/post-offer Physical Abilities Testing (PAT) for your local employers.  

Are employers interested? Employers will spend money to save money. The total cost of work comp injuries in the US is nearly $200 billion dollars per year. Pre-hire PAT, using the ErgoScience testing system, saves employers an average of 70% in work comp expenses, thereby increasing productivity and profit for the company. And PAT doesn’t just help the employer. Even when an employee is covered by workers’ compensation insurance, they end up shouldering a significant portion of the total expense of an injury. Nobody wins if there’s a work-related injury. By providing injury prevention services, you help both employees and employers. Implementing pre-hire PATs is a logical and easy first step in moving into the realm of work-related injury prevention. You get a lot of mileage out of a single test. AND prevention services are cash based.

What do I need to get started? Implementing pre-hire/post-offer PAT is easy when you have the right tools. One of the key components in developing physical abilities tests is having an objective, defensible testing system. With ErgoScience protocols, software and training, you have the necessary foundation for developing and implementing ADA and EEOC compliant PAT. 

What else can I do with these tools? You can also use the pre-hire PAT that you’ve developed to do return-to-work and fitness for duty screens. Return-to-work screens can become an integral part of your outpatient treatment for workers comp patients. Incorporating the return-to-work screen into the discharge evaluation gives the treating physician, the employee, the employer and insurance carrier a clear, objective picture of whether the patient can perform his/her job. These return to work screens will set your clinic apart from other competing clinics in your area. Without objective testing physicians end up just guessing whether return-to-work is appropriate.    

How does this affect my workers’ comp referrals? And if the employee fails either the return-to-work or the fitness for duty test, you can help them get fit and stay that way through work conditioning. Companies like to send their injured workers to a clinic they know and trust – a clinic that has a strong return to work focus and emphasizes objective and efficient testing. When you work directly with employers doing pre-hire and return-to-work testing, you build a relationship with them, one that opens lots of doors, including an increase in workers’ compensation referrals. Yes, you are there to help employers prevent injuries, but when one occurs, they will be confident you will do a great job rehabilitating their employees and getting them back to work. 

CASH BASED REVENUE! - Let’s not forget another exciting reason you should implement pre-hire PATs. By getting involved in injury prevention, your clinic adds a revenue source that is cash-based – the employer pays your clinic directly. You avoid the hassle of filing claims and waiting on payment.

ErgoScience testing protocols are objective and evidence-based. The skills you learn through ErgoScience training courses provide you with a solid foundation for defensible testing. And ErgoScience software makes it efficient and easy. Take the next step, grow into prevention – you’ll be glad you did. 

Read more about implementing pre-hire/post-offer PAT in our Physical Abilities Testing e-book.

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