2022 Blog awards - ErgoScience Readers' Choice Posts Of The Last 12 Months

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So, you like reading blog posts (who doesn't?) and have subscribed to the ErgoScience blog. But which post was the best? Which one offered the hottest content and ranked highest with clinicians? 

Here are the top five ErgoScience blog posts of 2022:

#5 FCEs – Will They Be Profitable?

Any time a clinic is considering whether to add a new service, one of the biggest questions is, “Will this service make money?”  To answer this question, you need to ask yourself a question or two or 20. This blog post walks you through a SWOT analysis to help you determine if offering FCEs at your clinic will be profitable, offers you a downloadable resource to simplify the analysis, and even gives a free tool to help calculate potential profit. If you have been looking for new services to offer at your clinic, take a look at this post to see if FCEs might be a fit.

What's a SWOT?


#4 Top Three Mistakes in Work Conditioning

So, you have a patient with a work-related injury. He has finished the prescribed course of physical therapy, but his Return-To-Work screen revealed that he is not quite ready to go back to work. No problem, just put together some exercises he can do for a few hours each day and bill for work conditioning. Easy, right? 

Well, it should be this easy, but there are three common mistakes therapists often make when developing work conditioning programs. Are you guilty of these mistakes? 

Am I Guilty?


#3 Confessions of a WC Case manager

Right smack in the middle of the drama; do you know what a work comp case manager really does all day? Do you even care? You might be surprised to learn where and how the case manager spends his/her time and how the case manager’s role and your relationship can impact your referrals. 

Tell me the gritty details!


#2 FCE vs. IR - Do you know the difference?

FCEs should provide overall work abilities and tolerances for full-time work and will cover all work demands. Impairment ratings are performed to gather information about the level of impairment of a person who has suffered due to injury or illness. But just how is an IR different from an FCE? How are they determined? Who can perform IRs and FCEs? Is training necessary? How do you get started? ErgoScience’s second most popular blog post of the year answers all these questions and more.  Discover IRs and FCEs



#1 The Incredible Shrinking Reimbursement

Taking the top spot for the most popular post of 2022 is a physical therapy horror story. Except it’s not fiction, it’s reality. But, even with all the slashing and painful cuts in reimbursement, your story doesn’t have to end like a horror flick. This post can help you write your own happy ending.  

I want a happy ending.


You may have already read these blog posts, or maybe you haven’t — but all are worth a read, in our humble opinion. And there’s more in store for next year.

Keep an eye out for the 2023 predictions. We’ll look into our crystal ball and tell you what the most popular ErgoScience blogs of 2023 will be.   

Erin Norton

Written by Erin Norton

Erin help clinics find the best solution to fit their needs from functional capacity evaluations, to job analysis, pre-employment screens or impairment ratings.